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Success Stories

Don’t just take my word for it!
“What can be asserted without evidence
 can be dismissed without evidence”
                                                        Christopher Hitchens
I believe it is important to offer proof of success. If you are going to part with your hard earned cash then I suspect you will want to see just what results you are likely to get. 
I am indebted to several of my lovely clients who kindly agreed to  ‘go public’ and share their stories, by video or in writing, in the hope that you may recognise yourself in their story and also seek help. 
Jess had suffered from a lack of 
confidence and anxiety for a long time..

 Jane’s anxiety made her “terrible” at
interviews and she was struggling with Social Anxiety too.

Emily sails through her driving test without any nerves at all!

Jessica’s life was shrinking due to her IBS related anxiety. Not any more!

Rachel was struggling to move on with her life after her divorce.

Today I finished a very thought provoking journey with Fiona Robinson aka The Anxiety Angel. I approached her some time ago anxious, tearful, lost, bitter and broken over my divorce. I felt insecure and had lost sight of myself and my worth. I must point out it was solely for my divorce and the way I’d been treated for many years before it by my ex- husband and father of my children. She gave me strategies to process the pain and hurt that I was harbouring inside me and the resentment that an individual could treat me that way. I didn’t want to live my life with the bitterness that I felt. Today I’ve been signed off to go and continue enjoying my life without that baggage coming forward me and I feel very proud that I took that initial step and contacted Fiona for help. A very very special kind and caring lady who offers non invasive help. Yes I’ve cried with her, she’s passed me tissues to wipe my tears, I’ve been angry at times and confused but she’s never judged me and just given me more coping strategies. My message to anybody struggling with anxiety, depression or stress in general…. call her you won’t regret it. Leave the past where it belongs very much in the past and live for the present /future – the past cannot be changed! . Thank you Fiona for freeing me to
keep moving forward xx

For obvious reasons, Alison was desperate to get her diabetic teenage son to overcome his extreme fear of needles

My 13 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes back in the autumn. This came as a complete shock and not only did he have to cope with the trauma of the diagnosis he also had to battle with an extreme fear of needles and was really struggling to cope with the 4 injections he needed each day.

He was completely unable to self-inject which meant that he was totally dependent on us to do his injections for him. This was starting to limit what he was able to do and a school trip abroad at the end of the year was causing him a lot of anxiety.

I contacted Fiona by email and explained the problem and almost immediately Fiona called me to discuss the situation and ways in which she would be able to help.

My son had two sessions with Fiona, the first dealing with some of the anxiety surrounding his diagnosis and the thought of having to self-inject and the second involving hypnotherapy to help him overcome his fear of needles.

On both occasions I joined him at the beginning of the session and Fiona explained to us what she would be doing and then at the end Fiona invited me back in to talk through how they had got on.

A few weeks after the second session my son was able to inject himself without any fear or hesitation.

Through the whole process Fiona has been extremely kind and reassuring which is very important for a parent seeking help for their child. She is very good at relating to teenagers and my son felt completely at ease with her.

I would highly recommend Fiona and cannot thank her enough for giving my son the freedom to get back out and enjoy life.

Jackie was, as she put it, “festering amongst a quagmire of worries” which was stopping her from enjoying life

“I had been feeling very low with some anxiety issues. It felt like I had the world’s problems on my shoulders. In reality I knew what I would advise someone else but could not take my own advice. Nothing very serious in these anxieties but I felt it had stopped me in my tracks and I was festering amongst a “quagmire” of worries.

Fiona and Anxiety Angel came up on Facebook and I knew instantly that I needed to act on it. I messaged Fiona and she very swiftly replied with a follow-up call later that day. I immediately felt a sense of relief starting this process. I had five sessions and from the first session to the last Fiona was extremely supportive, encouraging and helpful. Contact could be made with her at any time so I felt I had a safety net in place.

I particularly related to the visual tools Fiona used as examples of ways to eliminate the anxiety. I immediately felt happier after my initial consultation with her, I could not believe it! T

hroughout each week Fiona worked on my self-confidence too. As a result of strategies Fiona has given me I am able to dismiss any negative thoughts that creep into my mind. I am conscious of the fact I need to focus on something more positive or busy myself with something much more pleasant.

Having now f

inished my therapy, I am extremely grateful for the time and support and progress she has given me each week. Always responding with positive messages, w

hether written advice or audio files to aid sleeping, she is never too far away.

I would thoroughly recommend Fiona, she really is an Anxiety Angel, I would not have believed that in a few weeks that she could rid me of my issues that had built up over a few years. Fiona radiates warmth and confidence, encouragement and is extremely professional. Thank you Fiona.”

This lovely young mum,  found learnt how to let go and relax more with life

Hi Fiona! I came to you because anxieties and control issues were affecting my daily life. There was a constant background noise in my head of a sense of impending doom. Having sessions with you developed my confidence and self-worth. I was able to challenge and manage the internal monologue of negativity. I have continued to use the hypnotherapy recordings you sent me as well as the many techniques you taught. Thank you, once again! I think you are brilliant as a person as well as a professional and would happily recommend you to my dearest.  Dee Xx

Helen overcame her anxieties and controlled her Irritable Bowel Syndrome and managed to tour India!!


“I came to see Fiona because I was due to go on a touring holiday of India with my elderly mother and I was terrified that my nervous stomach would ruin it for me and my Irritable Bowel Syndrome would go into over-drive.

My anxiety had got so bad that I was seriously considering cancelling. Had it not been for letting my mother down I would have cancelled it at the drop of a hat.

I was also nervous about going out in on trips at home for fear of my stomach playing up, the amount of times trying to find toilets.

Fiona helped me to see that my anxieties were completely over the top and that the horrors I was imaging were very unlikely to occur.

I was able to go out on trips here in the UK and think far less about my stomach.

I saw all the sights in India ( other than the tigers who refused to appear) and my stomach didn’t give me any problems at all – even when I braved a very scary tuk tuk ride and a jeep ride through very bumpy terrain in the National Park !

It wasn’t my favourite holiday and I wouldn’t return to India, but I coped with it well, my stomach didn’t let me down and was there to support my mother.

Thank you Fiona for helping me to learn that I don’t have to be a martyr to my anxieties, or my stomach

Here’s a photo of me on top of the Taj Mahal – I did it!”

Alex smashes her fear of flying to enjoy a different kind of family holiday abroad for the first time in years…

” Well, I didn’t cry, which is fantastic!

I was very relaxed at the airport, listened to your very calming voice the night before and on the plane. I still don’t like the take-off!!! However I was so much calmer than I usually am, focussed on myself with a book, music and even a film on the way back. Didn’t panic when it was turning (kept on remembering your helpful comments about how it was a necessary) which helped a lot. Even the rattling in the air was OK.

I am so happy it was a better experience than before, my husband was super helpful and looked after the kids.

Thank you again – you have given me so much confidence. Your sessions (and your recordings) helped me be in a better place mentally during the flight 😊 xxx

Anxiety was threatening to spoil the happiest day of this lovely young woman’s life….
“I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks for most of my adult life. I would always try to avoid most social situations that I knew I would feel uncomfortable in or I tended to worry about things before they would even happen. 
For years I tried to cope with the way I was feeling but I knew that in my life situations would occur which would bring these feelings back to the surface with a vengeance. A year before my wedding this happened. I dreaded that these feelings would overtake a day that should be of just happiness & love. 
This is where Fiona comes in, she was recommended to me by one of her previous clients and I was so thankful for this. I have always wanted and tried to face this head on and find ways to help me with this and this is exactly what Fiona did for me. 
We had quite a few sessions and with time she made me feel like me again!! Then just before my wedding I also had a relaxation session just to get out any worries I was feeling with regards to our wedding day. 
I can honestly say I had the best day of my life and everyone was shocked how calm I was! And I have been like it ever since. On occasions where I am feeling anxious I have used all the skills and techniques that Fiona advised me to do and it has made me conquer a lot of difficult situations that I would have never of felt comfortable in doing. 
I would thoroughly recommend Fiona to anyone, she makes you feel so very comfortable and easy to talk to about everything and I know she is there for me if needed.” 
This high flyer was a bag of nerves when it came to public speaking…
“I had always wanted to do public speaking and despite having a successful career working under extreme pressure, I had a fear of “pulling it off” or drying up on the day. 

I came to see Fiona and I really do believe that the coaching and hypnosis did the trick. I definitely needed both as they worked hand in glove. 

I wouldn’t have done it without the help – I needed that push to change my mind set and focus. 
It really worked for me because I smashed it! I made my audience laugh, I had them engaged and I got loads of good feedback including  “you were an absolute hit and the favourite speaker for many of our audience…. when it comes to speaking you are definitely a pro”.
 So, I can recommend coming to see Fiona if you are fearful of speaking in public.”
I often work with teenagers and young adults and I find this work particularly rewarding. 
Tania was concerned about her daughter, Emma’s, anxiety. They have both kindly written about their experiences
“My daughter, Emma, had struggled for years with extreme anxiety brought on predominantly by exam stress. The period leading up to her GCSE’s was horrendous and she had dreadful panic attacks during her exams. 
When Emma started her A levels we decided there had to be someone who could help through this process. We spoke to her school and her GP who were very helpful but Emma needed more. We were recommended to Fiona by a friend who had used her for her daughter and Emma’s whole perspective on exams and the process leading up to it changed. 
Fiona helped her in so many ways. She put coping mechanisms in place and talked Emma through how to control the panic attacks and reduce her stress levels. After 3 sessions Emma was like a completely different person. She went into the exams with a more confident approach and actually enjoyed some of them! Fiona also helped us by writing to the school and suggesting strategies to be put in place. This was such a tremendous help.
Emma was scared at first at the prospect of talking to a stranger about her anxiety and stress. Within minutes Fiona had put Emma at ease and she genuinely looked forward to the sessions. So many teenagers struggle with the same thing as my daughter and it is so important that parents should listen and get the right help for them.  
I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough. Emma is now at University and will have more exams to cope with but she knows she can always go back and see Fiona and she is not frightened anymore.”


“I can’t thank Fiona enough for all of the effort and help that she offered and gave me.
I am a sufferer of extreme exam anxiety and stress. I never believed that anyone would be able to help me and get me to a coping point. But I was wrong. Fiona was recommended by a friend who too suffered with anxiety and stress and so I went to go and see her.
Within seconds of arriving Fiona made me feel welcome and comfortable. Although I was nervous and scared to open up and talk about my feelings, Fiona made it an easy and simple process. Throughout my sessions Fiona used various techniques with me and put in place coping mechanisms. She helped me alter my perspective regarding exams, revising and my general anxiety.
I honestly believe that Fiona went above and beyond what any other counsellor would do for a student and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful. I am now a university student but I know that if ever needed, Fiona would be the first person I’d turn to.”


Best wishes,


Emma x

IBS can be a stand alone problem, or be linked to other anxiety related issues. Here’s Louise’s story. 



I started seeing Fiona when I had server anxiety about my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). After seeing Fiona just three times I felt a lot more confident about my condition.

 I was constantly worrying about how others would react to my toilet habits. Worries such as, ‘will other people judge me for needing the toilet?’ Compulsive questions which Fiona made me realise were not of interest to anyone else and if they were, well, they were the weird ones.

I had seen many CBT therapists and had seen one hypnotherapist. All of which were nothing compared to Fiona.

She is honestly a very compassionate and caring woman. She has always said to me to call her if I need her, she wants to keep in contact with you after therapy and does not clock watch (which I have found with other therapists).

She gives you homework after your sessions, which, in my case, made me realise how my thoughts were just thoughts, not a reality.

Hypnotherapy is really relaxing. It is basically a deep meditation. Fiona tells you a story in which you are the main character. She showed me how I am capable of controlling my thoughts and interactions with people. A realisation which was such a relief and a game changer.

She tells you real life stories of other people’s experiences which are similar to your own, making you feel not alone.

You can honestly tell her anything and she will not judge you.

By seeing Fiona you learn so much about yourself.

I always recommend Fiona to family and friends and this is because she is amazing at her job.

Much love,

Louise x




There are many who find travelling on public transport a very stressful,  if not unbearable,  experience….


“Fiona was instrumental in overcoming and coping with my anxiety. She helped me to deal with both the short-term issues and also in cultivating a long-term plan so that when my anxiety would flare up I would be able to rationalise my thoughts and calmly manage my reactions.
I hated being on the c2c trains and any kind of cramped environment which made the commute to and from work unbearable. I started to get anxiety attacks at work and had to leave multiple times throughout the day and ended up being off for a few days as I even the thought of being in a meeting room would feel suffocating.
Fiona helped me to rationalise all my anxious and unrealistic thoughts by explaining why my body was reacting the way it was, applying the fight or flight responses and also by working with me to develop coping mechanisms.
I cannot begin to explain how valuable it was being informed about anxiety and the reasons as to why I reacted the way I did – I realised that I wasn’t going mad and after my first session, began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
The hypnotherapy was wonderful; I felt extremely relaxed and Fiona was excellent at always putting me at ease, I never felt pressured into saying or doing anything I didn’t want to but felt I could open up completely. Fiona also helped me to open up to my friends and family about my issues and I was extremely surprised by the supportive responses I received.
I can now commute to work with relative ease, which beforehand I never thought would be possible and whenever an ‘anxious moment’ or thought pops into my head I am able to rationalise it and calm myself down. 
I would recommend Fiona to anybody suffering with anxiety – without her help I definitely wouldn’t be in the great place I am in now!”

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Social Anxiety Disorder • Fears and Phobias • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder • Stress • Anxiety • General Anxiety Disorder • Confident Public Speaking • Exam Anxiety • Driving Test Nerves • Interview Anxiety

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